Chrysler Boss: Company Even Closer to Choosing China's Chery to Build Subcompact

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According to Automotive News. Chrysler's about as close to picking China's Chery Automobile to build its new subcompact model as it can be without actually, say, selecting them. The group's CEO Tom LaSorda told reporters in Beijing (hmm) that the car — a ~$14,000 model likely based on the Hornet Concept shown at this year's Geneva show — will debut in western Europe, Mexico and Canada before coming to the US. LaSorda didn't mention which other company was in the running (they're down to two), which wasn't surprising, considering he was in China making a non-announcement that may or may not have to do with a Chinese company. How do you say "That guy is such a tease" in Mandarin?


A Chinese Bee: Chery to Build Dodge Hornet?; Chrysler Considering Chinese Chery-Built Model for Global Markets? [internal]

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Miscellanea - back from the dead

Isn't that a slap in the face of another Big 3 Competitor, seeing as Chery has been so blatently reverse engineering and copying GM models...or was it FoMoCo models?

And is the market ready for a chinese made auto even if it is american/euro engineered?