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Would You Paint Your First Ferrari Red?

Illustration for article titled Would You Paint Your First Ferrari Red?
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This is, I think, one of the most important questions in the automotive world.

There is no doubt that it’s cliche to get your first Ferrari in red. The cars don’t even look best in the color. Dark blues, browns, and grays tend to flatter Pininfarina bodies better.


But there’s something to be said for the willful silliness, the self-awareness of just going for it and getting a Ferrari in red. You’ve got a Ferrari! There is no hiding it. Do not couch your purchase in silver-painted shame. Embrace the ridiculousness of the vehicle. Embrace its otherworldliness.

On which side of the debate do you fall? Do you go all out and get the thing in red, or do you try for something classier, and avoid it? Bare your heart.


Photo Credit: Ferrari, in an early press photo for the ‘Boxer’ 365 GT4 BB

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Justin T. Westbrook

Chris Evans of (now) Top Gear has the right idea.