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Chocolate-Covered Beetle, But Does It Run On Biodiesel?

Illustration for article titled Chocolate-Covered Beetle, But Does It Run On Biodiesel?

If you happened to forget about Valentines Day, yesterday, may we suggest a chocolate covered beetle of the drivable kind (girls don't like the other kind on V-Day, trust me)? This chocolate-coated VW Beetle was situated in front of a supermarket in Qingdao, Shandong Province, in China. It took seven employees and a total of 200 KG (441 lbs for you non-communists) to complete. In order to protect the car from sugar-related damage it was covered in a protective layer of plastic. Remember kids, you should always use protection when the body chocolate comes out.


Chocolate Coated Car [ChinaNews via spluch.blogspot]

Holy Top Gun, It's The Jet Powered VW Beetle [Internal]

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People Paula

Hmm, this giant piece of shit seems to have transmission problems...