Wang Qin, a clearly beleaguered woman in China, had it UP TO HERE, UP TO HERE AND I MEAN IT, with her sketchy son-in-law and the loan she generously gave him, so she took matters into her own hands. By lifting his car onto the roof of a building.

(Insert bad mother-in-law joke here).

Apparently what happened was that the illustrious son-in-law borrowed nearly half a million yuan (or about $81,700) from Ms. Wang for his business, and gave her his (what looks to be pretty new) Audi A6 as collateral, according to When she caught him sneaking around to try to get the car back without paying his loan back, she hired a crane to put it in a place that might be a bit less accessible.

Ms. Wang, you are a genius. I've loaned out money to people over the years, and have never gotten it back. Why doesn't bill collection work like this in the US?


Photo credit: John Davey

H/t to $kaycog!