Chinese Patent For Range Rover Evoque Rally Rig Found

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Our friends at CarNewsChina have sent along some images from the Chinese patent office that look like a rally-ready Range Rover Evoque, which they speculate may be a new trim level for the Chinese market.

The mud flaps and hood scoop seem a bit uncivilized for a road-registrable Rover, but CNC thinks this may be a bid by Range Rover to attract more male buyers to the Evoque.


The wheels definitely look more "road" than "race," but I'm not sure what to make of those lines below the rear bumper. Is that what the real underpinnings will look like or are these redundancies added in for visual effect?

I like the idea of a performance/luxury light off-roader, it's like a WRX with more toys and a fancier badge. It'd would be a blast to whip down fire roads and take skiing, isn't that where most WRXs see duty anyway?

The Beijing Auto Show is about four months away, whether this Evoque is slated for sale or ends up being a booth side show there's a good chance we'll see it there.


Hat tip to Tycho at CarNewsChina!

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