China's Hybrid Race: Chery to Show Hybrid at Beijing Show, Others to Follow?

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Will the third Sino-Japanese war be over hybrid cars? China's Chery Automobile just announced plans to show off its first hybrid car at the Auto China 2006 show in Beijing next week. While it's unclear if the system's been developed in house, or if it's a product of UK engineering firm Ricardo (as a report last year suggested), news outlets are reporting it as the first to be developed by a Chinese automaker. The announcement comes on the heels of GM's plan to build hybrids in China with partner Shanghai Auto, while Chinese competitor Geely Automobile recently announced plans for its first hybrid model early next year. They want in — the question is how soon?


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ooh. apparently this account work across all the gawker sites.

anyways, what kind of hybrid is it? does it have a hole in the floorboard so you can use human power as well as the gas engine? (not even an original idea for china, yet again)