Illustration for article titled China Is Finally Getting Freedom (I.E. The Ford Mustang)

For years now, you could buy a Ford Mustang in China, but you needed to import it through a dealer-to-dealer grey market. Starting in 2015, America's Freedom-Mobile will go on sale officially.


Car News China reports that China won't just get small doses of pony car liberty, but all three engine options: the 3.7l V6, the 2.3l turbo four, and the 5.0l V8. This is noteworthy because Chevy sends the Camaro over there, but not with the V8. A V6 is the biggest engine you can get in a Camaro in in China.

Chevy, why don't you love freedom as much as Ford does?

Expect Mustang sales to grow to the hundreds of thousands (if not millions), followed by an overthrow of the autocratic government, an enactment of a two-party democracy, and an overabundance of chicken wing joints, as is the natural progression of Americanized society.

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