Chicago Sinkhole Swallows Three Cars

You know you're in for a rough day when you go out to your car in the morning only to find it swallowed up by a sinkhole in the middle of the street. That's exactly what happened today in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, this section of a Southeast Side street collapsed and took three cars with it earlier this morning. Details are scarce on how it actually happened, but one person was removed from a vehicle and taken to an area hospital in serious-to-critical condition, the newspaper reported.


You know what I've had enough of this week? Mayhem. I am hereby ordering a moratorium on further mayhem for the rest of the week. Maybe even the rest of the month. Make it so, Planet Earth.

Update: As pointed out by some of our commenters, here's video of that Dodge Avenger going to the sinkhole. It happens about 15 seconds in to WGN's report. Oh, snap!

Photo credit NBC News via Twitter

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