Chicago Is Trying Out Electric Garbage Trucks

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We've already seen electric delivery trucks take to the streets of the Big Apple. Now the Windy City is getting into the EV game by adding 20 electric trash trucks to its 600-truck fleet.


The trucks — to be built by electric bus manufacturer Motiv Power Systems as part of a five-year, $13 million contract — each use 10 battery packs to power their motors and hydraulic accessories. Motiv says its electric trucks will reduce Chicago's garbage truck-related costs from 80 cents per mile to 10 cents per mile.

Like any test, we'll have to wait a while to see if the trucks live up to manufacturer claims. But if they do what Motiv says they'll do, they could cut Chicago's trash-hauling costs in half.

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I can't see any negatives to this. Trucks have a set route, they know the distance needed to be covered, so just keep it within that distance. There is also no need for insane performance, and all the instant TQ is great for such a big vehicle. Then there is the pollution thing. I know the whole battery waste thing, I just mean the black smoke and noise (most trucks tend to be old and not your 2013 VW clean diesels). Then there is the monetary savings for Chicago. I hope this is a hit and we see them implemented up here in Toronto