Last year we told you about a group of activist bikers that wanted to shut down the Chicago Auto Show. Well, according to a post on said bikers are in the works to shut down the auto show again. The plan is to have a peaceful protest in the middle of the auto show to oppose congestion. We vaguely remember it happening last year, but it didn't seem to cause any problems. Their plans below the jump.


From the Bike Geeks:

At last Monday's meeting, it was just thestevenlane and me/tod. We didn't do any computer work, choosing to survey some of our existing sites and evaluate immediate love needs in the context of upcoming events — mainly the BTG Show and Tell event and the Auto Show Shutdown on Feb 8th and 9th respectively. We planned our attack and made concrete lists of TO-DOs.

So it sounds like it's two guys with a computer planning to stand out in the freezing cold. We're sure CAS planners are shaking in their boots.[]

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