We saw the first two versions of the 2009 Ford Transit Connect a little earlier, but now we've seen 'em up close and personal. Four differently outfitted models of the light duty van were shown off in an effort to showcase the vans versatility. The first two we saw were dressed up for a wine delivery company and a traveling jazz band; the other two examples are done up for a connectivity company and a catering service. While not options offered from Ford, these Transit Connects offer different looks at the flexible ways the little vans can be equipped. And we did see a feature we've been pining for.

The Ford Transit Connect will be available with front window defrost, by way of embedded hot wire filaments. you can get an idea of what the fine, wavy wires look like below. Ford also indicated the option may appear in other models, depending on the public reception.


Barely perceptible until close inspection, the wires work just like the rear window defrost pretty much every car is already equipped with. We're glad to see Ford finally tossing those of us who inhabit the frozen North a technological bone.

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