Chevy Volt Gets A $5K Price Hike As GM Puts Engineers To The Lash

Don't break open those piggy banks yet, Volt fanatics. The Greatest Car Not Quite Yet on Earth isn't close to being ready, and that $30,000 price tag we told you about is a crock, but not that kind of a crock. The latest price figure is putting the Volt mystery mobile at $35,000. The reason behind this $5,000 price hike originates with the stereo and the windshield wipers. Wait, what?


The Volt engineers have apparently had to dump a lot of money into redesigning the audio set-up, windshield wipers and similar systems so that they won't drain the Volt's super magnificent lithium-ion 40-mile battery. See, what happpens when you ditch the alternator, kids? All hell breaks lose and GM's gearheads get stuck in triple-overtime with Bob Lutz's hot breath on their necks. [Autopia]

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