Don't break open those piggy banks yet, Volt fanatics. The Greatest Car Not Quite Yet on Earth isn't close to being ready, and that $30,000 price tag we told you about is a crock, but not that kind of a crock. The latest price figure is putting the Volt mystery mobile at $35,000. The reason behind this $5,000 price hike originates with the stereo and the windshield wipers. Wait, what?

The Volt engineers have apparently had to dump a lot of money into redesigning the audio set-up, windshield wipers and similar systems so that they won't drain the Volt's super magnificent lithium-ion 40-mile battery. See, what happpens when you ditch the alternator, kids? All hell breaks lose and GM's gearheads get stuck in triple-overtime with Bob Lutz's hot breath on their necks. [Autopia]