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Even before he saw today's new Chevy Volt pictures, New York neurologist Lyle Dennis liked the idea of the 2011 Chevy Volt. In fact, he liked it enough to start more than a year ago, in the process collecting the names of more than 33,000 prospective buyers for the Chevy electric car. The greatest interest comes from California, Texas, Florida and Michigan — no surprise there. What is surprising is that General Motors has apparently been watching Dennis' activities closely, even meeting with him and a handful of other Volt enthusiasts at the New York Auto Show this year. So what's the good doctor's motivation in all this?


Apparently, Dennis is concerned that GM may be underestimating consumer interest in the Volt, leading to shortages when the vehicle finally arrives. "If everyone who wanted a Volt could get one, that would be the dream," he said. Given the Volt's expected price point, there's no word on whether Dennis' dream goes so far as to loan everyone who wants a Volt the means to get one, but for now we're willing to take the neurologist at face-value. We want a Volt. Where's our $40k? [Automotive News, Sub. Req.]

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