Chevy-Sponsored Camaro Black Heading For SEMA Show Floor

Illustration for article titled Chevy-Sponsored Camaro Black Heading For SEMA Show Floor

Chevy has released a single teaser-style image of their 2008 SEMA show-bound Camaro Black, described only as "a dark and mysterious interpreta." We're pretty sure they meant "interpretation" but ran into character limitations in their imaging software. Regardless, the Camaro Black show car actually looks to be a gunmetal gray based on the photo and appears decked out with a sinister-looking body kit and the requisite SEMA monster alloy wheels shod in low-profile rubber. The red glow from the headlights may also indicate some sort of LED illumination kit, but what you see is all we know at this point; we'll either get a constant dribble of teasers a-la 2010 Mustang or just bring you the goods from the Vegas show floor in two weeks.


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Rob Emslie

Camaro Black? Geez, everybody's jumping on the Obama's coattails.