Chevy Silverado HD Diesel Bends Ford Over Knee With 765 lb-ft Of Torque

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Just as we go and declare the 2011 Ford Super Duty the best heavy-duty pickup on the market, GM comes along and crushes Ford's power figures. The new Chevy Silverado HD diesel makes a staggering 765lb-ft of torque and 397HP.

GM tossed all of the 2011 Silverado HD development money into the guts of the truck — new frame, reworked rear suspension, transmission and a thoroughly reworked Duramax engine. The result is a work truck with some very impressive numbers: Power is up from 365 HP to 397 HP at 3000 RPM and torque is up from 660 lb-ft to an astonishing 765 lb-ft at 1600 RPM.


For reference that's only 7 HP more than the 2011 Super Duty's Powerstroke, but a 30 lb-ft advantage in torque. In addition to increased the power GM's claiming an 11% improvement in fuel economy while reducing emissions with a NOx catalyst and particulate filter. It seems the truck wars have just gotten very, very serious.

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I see most Jalop commentors don't get out much. There is in fact, a place for trucks like these. Yes, a fraction of buyers drive them around in towns on lifts and bro-wheels. But that is not the full story my jalops.

I want to you drive out of town for a bit, into a farming community. Or ranch lands. Here, you will find many of these trucks, and you know... they do work! Duallies, pulling mammoth goose neck trailers. Some pulling flat bed trailers with a pair (or trio) of tractors, some carrying a family of horses. Trudging trailers through muds that most your bro-trucks can't even handle unloaded. Big trucks on big plots of land.

Sure, there's no use for these trucks... inside the towns and cities that you live in. Venture outside to the right areas (most of TX that's not a city) and you'll see the natural habitat of the Heavy Duty pickup truck.