Chevy Gets A 2009 Corvette ZR1 Right To The Chin Hey, Look, A ZR1

Looks like Jay Leno is going to be the first journalist with a drive of the 2009 Corvette ZR1 as these pictures — taken by Jalopnik reader Brendan McAleer — show. That is definitely the Chin taking a spin around Detroit. Guess that means that the current store on autojounro ZR1 drives sits as follows: Pop Mechanics 1, rest of Auto Journiverse 0.
Come on Angus and Chubby Checkers, are you going to let Pop Mech get the scoop? To be fair, we don't know who he is doing this for and, quite likely, he's probably just driving it because Ed Welburn gave him the keys to his ZR1 and said "here, take it." (UPDATE: This is apparently not Jay Leno and the photos were not, it seems, taken by our reader. Rather, they're from the Corvette Forums and taken by a nice guy named Jason about a month ago. Still, pics of a ZR1 on the street.)


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