One of my favorite small vans from back in the day was the Chevy Astro Van. It was like the bulldog of the real van world. It went away a few years ago and GM hasn't really had a small van since. Even though we know they can build one, GM is getting its new van from Nissan. Whaaaaaaa?

The Nissan NV200 is the current hottest ticket in vans. It's becoming the official new taxi of New York City, is making a play to enter London, and is one of the only small cargo vans on the market. Now Chevy is going to sell its own version as the "City Express" in the United States and Canada.

It's a cost effective way for GM to enter the small van segment with a good competitor (it won van of the year!) but it also seems like something they might be able to do better on their own. At least they didn't tarnish the good name that is the Astro Van.


But this also gives me an idea: Maybe GM can just rebody a 370z to make that sporty Chevelle (or Vega) rear-drive coupe they've been talking about lately. Hmmm.