Chevy Blazer Plows Across 300' Of Slop Proving 'Elephants Can Swim'

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

"There's no obstacle you can't clear by putting your boot into the throttle and jerking the steering wheel around a little," said the pilot of this K5 Chevy Blazer monster truck, probably.


Also, wherever this Spring Break-style "motorsports event" goes down it looks like a fucking riot and I want to go.

The truck is described only as a "monster" on 66" flotation tires. It also looks like some kind of supplemental cooling system has been fitted in place of the rear tailgate, which I thought was a pair of subwoofers at first.


There's some kind of oddly peaceful beauty to the way the mud flows over the wheels when they finally slow down around three minutes in. Other than that, I can't believe I'm saying this but it's nice to see a truck with this level of modification actually getting used for its "intended purpose."

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Nobody has ever done this while wearing a shirt.