Chevrolet Asks "Who Wants Just Another Little Car?"

How do you like the new for 1972 Vega? Actually it wasn't the new Vega, it was a special display model with pieces cut out and a graphic on the door to represent "steel beams"—which apparently was also convenient for golf club storage.

Among the other attributes that made the Vega such a "special little car" was the luxurious seat foam and an engine "bigger than most little car engines". Chevy could have avoided showing off the seat cross section and putting on graphics of the reinforced roof and doors but then Vega would have been just another little car.

And as the spokesman appropriately asks "Who wants just another little car?"

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I can never get over what an extremely good looking car the Vega was. Yes yes I know it was a total piece-o'-crap mechanically speaking, but what clean, sleek, well-proportioned lines!