Check Out Some Proper Australian V8 Ute Hoonage In These Documentary Trailers

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the nation of Australia, because I think they do hoonage better than any other country on Earth.

From big, V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive sedans and utes to antics in the outback, they're tough to beat when it comes to vehicular shenanigans. Heck, they even invented the term "hoon."

If you require any further proof, check out the Deni Ute Muster in Deniliquin, Australia, which is apparently the biggest ute meetup in the world. The centerpiece of that event is the Australian National Circle Work Championships Final, which involves a lot of driving in circles at speed in the dirt. That's something we can get behind.


These videos come to us from some folks who have put together two documentaries about the 2012 Deni Ute Muster, including the circle work championships. You can get it on DVD or digital download here, and the filmmaker assured me it's the best kind of Christmas gift.

What Aussie cars are you most jealous of?

Hat tip to Tom!

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I want a Falcon Ute soooo bad. I really like the XE models and they're old enough to be reg'd here in the US now. This one even has a 351 swapped into it already! All said and done it would only be about $10K to buy and ship here, but not sure what the import taxes/tariffs would be.