Chastise, Don't Punish: Brits Say Signs Reduce Speeds Better than Cameras

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Here on 25th Street in Pedro, we've got a solar-powered, radar-equipped sign that ticks off numbers up to the posted limit of 35mph. After that, it flashes the word "SLOW!" in big yellow letters with the vehemence of a significant other you may or may not have exposed to the clap. And you know what? The damn thing works (on us at least latent Catholic guilt?), and it's a damn sight less heart-rending than spotting a cop pointing a radar gat atcha whip.


In Britain, a study's shown that while 25 percent of drivers sped within the vicinity of the camera, only 16 percent sped near the sign. On the flipside, road signs aren't generally revenue generators. Sergey, Larry call us, have we got an idea for you!

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