If you've never heard of a Vector M12, we can't say we are shocked, only 18 were built between 1995 and 1999 before the company folded for the same reasons most small exotic car companies don't make it—mismanagement, cash flow issues and lack of sales.

Underneath the unique fiberglass body, the M12 was little more than a stretched Lamborghini Diablo. As you can see, this Vector recently decided to get back to its Italian Supercar roots when it set itself on fire outside Austin, TX. GTspirit reports this as the first known wreck involving an example of the Lamborghini V-12 powered M12.


What have we learned from the pictures of this ultra-rare and ultra-charred exotic? You can dress it up in different clothes and call it whatever you want, but eventually an Italian exotic car is going to succumb to its true nature and burn itself to the ground.

[via WreckedExotics]

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