Challenger Pre-Production Body Shots Make Their Way To Web

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Looks like information on new muscle cars just wants to be free, despite the fact that this AM it'll more than likely mean someone at the German-American hybrid or one of their suppliers won't be working there for much longer. That's because someone's gone and uploaded shots of Dodge's new muscle car in pre-production test bed format and we've re-broadcast said shots here for your personal enjoyment. As of now the only difference we can tell between the concept and these proto-mules is the rear quarter windows don't appear to be able to roll down. That was a question still left open from the concept car. What's not open is whether it's given us a full-on muscle car-gasm. Get one yourself via the gallery below.

Challenger build spy pics [NewHemiTech via GMInsideNews via AutoBlog]

Spy Photos: Dodge Challenger Mule!; Autorama-Lama-Ding-Dong: Dodge Challenger Super Stock Is Back...In Black! [internal]


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If by "two-tone" you mean "paint and primer", then looks like they're just going back to their target audience. Ba-dum CHI!

/token redneck joke.