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This screen cap, reportedly from the yet-unreleased Forza 3 for Xbox 360, is adding credibility to the Porsche Cayman shooting brake rumor. Has Forza got the digital data on a shocking new Porsche offering?


The screen capture, posted on Xbox-scene, comes from "a friend in Prague," which could mean anything from the latest element in an elaborate hoax to a legitimate, but unnamed source. What the screen capture shows is basically the exact same car we saw in Wednesday's surprising amateur spy shots.

We're doing a little more digging, but if this turns out to be true, a Porsche Cayman shooting brake will be quite a shocking new product from the Germans. Our mouths are agape at the prospect of a mid-engined, two door station wagon from Porsche. This might be the greatest thing ever. Click here for the full-sized image. [Xbox-scene Forums]

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