Castagna Combines Electricity And Water To Create Fiat 500 Tender Two

With yacht-owning merrymakers in mind, Castagna has turned a perfectly serviceable Fiat 500 into an electric tender. To do so, they scrapped the engine in favor of an electric motor and batteries (capable of 87 mph), removed the doors and cut off the roof. Quickly discovering that the de-topped 500 had a tendency to fold in half over bumps, they raised the doorsills to brace the chassis. The interior has been redone in wood and a blue/white striped cloth, all the better to accent the Chanel sailor outfits its elderly, leather-faced owners are sure to wear. We expect to see one submerged off the Monaco pier in the near future, surrounded by fishes zapped dead by its waterlogged batteries. [via Carscoop]


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