Cassette Deck Lives On With Bluetooth Adapter

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We've definitely proven that there's a little juice left in a cassette deck tank and this product further revives that concept. This is the Bluetooth Cassette Adapter by Flexii. This isn't Bluetooth of the cell phone communication nature, but rather Bluetooth of the AD2P streaming music nature. If your cell or MP3 player is capable of streaming music over Bluetooth then this could be a great addition to your seemingly outdated vehicle.


It is rechargeable, so there are no wires hanging out of the deck and it will connect wirelessly with an MP3 player to stream music through your vehicle's sound system. The rechargeable battery will last around five hours. You can now rest assured that your vehicle is just as capable as the new age Sync contraption. It's available for $40, so no need to rush out and get a Focus. [Slashgear]

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You know, this would actually be good except for one annoying thing that all these in-car bluetooth systems have in common: You have to manually power them on with the "does everything" button.

I have a motorola BT speakerphone thing that I love, except that when the phone rings I'm SOL if I hadn't remembered to power the unit up when getting into the car. Worse still, since these things all run on batteries, they need to be powered DOWN. Sure, they'll auto-shut-off if they go unpaired for 20 minutes or so, but the problem is that even with the car in my driveway, I sometimes keep a pairing link with my phone in the house, so when I use the phone the audio is on in the CAR!!

Why not make one that runs on accessory power so that it powers up/down with the auto? Seems so obvious and simple. I'd hack one up for myself from one of these units except that that dammed "does everything" button is a software read switch, so I'd have to get pretty tricky to run it on accessory power.