Cars Keep Crash-Landing Into This Repair Shop's Parking Lot, Business Must Be Booming

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I can’t think of a better business plan than an auto repair shop that continuously has cars flying off of a highway off-ramp and crash-landing into the parking lot. The only better place to land is probably a hospital.

The most recent crash to occur in the parking lot of Snyder Brothers Automotive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was last Monday, where a Kia Optima failed to brake for a parkway exit ramp and hit the curb like a ramp, flew through repair shop’s sign “like a field goal” and then crash landed right in front of the workshop.


Somehow, the driver escaped seemingly unscathed.

The crazy part is that this isn’t the first time such a wild crash has occurred. The shop owner claims it’s the eighth car to come flying down from the heavens and into the parking lot in nine years. The automotive-chaos gods are generous to the Snyder Brothers.


From CBS Pittsburgh:

“We’ve had cars flip over, catch on fire. Hit the building, time and time again,” Snyder said. “You know, coming down 376 and when you’re in the right hand lane to exit – that’s a long run. I think people, they are not prepared to make that sharp turn. Also, I think people become distracted. This fellow, he didn’t even hit his brakes, he just kept going straight without turning.”


The shop owner says he’s alerted the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation every time. They come out and put up signs, and the cars just keep crashing through them.

At least this Kia driver put three points on the board. And probably more on his license.