Carmageddon + Planking = Plankmageddon

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Greetings from sunny Los Angeles, California, where the two-day closure of a 10-mile strip of freeway has produced more death, carnage and abject misery than humankind has ever seen, or will likely ever see again. Just kidding! The non-event known as Carmageddon has resulted in an almost surreally quiet weekend in the city. I don't know where everyone went, but they are more than welcome to stay there. Sadly, however, it won't be long before L.A. traffic returns to its constipated status-quo, as the 405 has reopened well ahead of schedule. So let us now bid a fond farewell to this momentous chapter in climate-fuckage history with a single, powerful, zeitgeist-encapsulating image — that of USC student Stephen Estes planking on a stretch of 405 between Sunset and Wilshire Blvds. 2011: The Year of Plankmageddon. [Flickr]



Is this "planking" or merely "laying?"