"Carma Sutra" Helps Do The Uncanny: Sex In A Car (Sans Dragons)

Valentine's Day is coming up, and if you are anything like me, you've found yourself in peculiar situations where getting a room simply isn't an option. Carma Sutra (yuk, yuk) looks to solve that problem, or at least attempt to. We've seen a similar guide with the Haynes Sex Manual, but if you're looking to get truly adventurous in the confines of your vehicle, Carma Sutra is the only way to go.


The 80-page manual includes helpful, practical, moderately acrobatic and even model-specific advice (Smart?). It's designed to easily fit in the glovebox, if you know what I mean, and at $10 there isn't a reason to not own this manual. Unless, of course, you're worried about messing up your pretty leather seats or haven't upgraded those shocks for a while. Advice to the wise: Park first. [Product Page via Uncrate]

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