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Snow makes it hard to get around. You could just stay inside. There's no reason to go through the trouble of helping a stranger dig a car out, only to then go and take it.

Genero Placenia needed a ride this weekend and apparently decided it would be easier to steal a car, but they were all covered in snow in New York City. According to CBS New York and Gothamist, Placenia found a 19-year-old trying to dig out his car from the snow on a street in Queens. He decided to help the man.


Once the car was freed, Placenia asked for a ride to East New York. After the ride, he pulled a gun on the driver and took his phone, $60, and, well, the car.

Placenia and the car were found shortly thereafter in the basement of a laundromat with "most of his clothes off," according to CBS. He was arrested and charged with robbery among other crimes.

It's still just amazing the work some criminals will put in just to steal a ride and a car.

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