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Carcade Turns The World Outside Your Car Into A Video Game

Because the DVD players and in-car PS3s were starting to bore the kids, three students at the Berlin University of the Arts have created a video game that uses what's going on outside a car's window, incorporating it into the game. Behold CARCADE! Utilizing a webcam and a laptop, the program detects the landscape outside the window and then lets players zoom around the obstacles. The game is currently in demo form but shows off some fairly awesome technology. [Carcade via Gizmodo]


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When I was little my parents said I had to save up my money to buy a gameboy. Didn't end up playing it that much. Car rides consisted of me shitting down, shutting up and holding on (you do that when your dad thinks he is still back racing VW Rabbits around Road Atlanta). But we did talk as well. Riding in the car really provided a good chance to chat since there wasn't much else to do.

That was back before everyone and their dog had a cell phone and a video game console built into the back of every seat. Now when I see a family drive by it seems more like the kids are handed a video game to shut them up so mom or dad can talk on their cell phone. Family bonding while driving seems to be becoming endangered, like families sitting down to dinner together.