What Technology Will Revolutionize Car Manufacturing In This Century?

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Cars are changing because they have to. They have to become lighter, safer, and more efficient. This may make the hardcore purists cringe, but we may all be better off for it in the end.


That's our question of the day: What technology will revolutionize car manufacturing in the years to come?

Here's one example: the mad scientists at Local Motors just turned a block of plastic into a car using 3D printing. How awesome is that? It's clearly in its earliest stages, but it's fascinating to think where 3D printing could go.


Your turn. What technology or concept will change the way cars are made?

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NOT 3D printing. It doesn't make sense for manufacture. Racing, yes. Prototypes, yes. Repairs and replacements, oh hell yes. But just by its nature, 3D printing has a much longer cycle time than other forms of manufacturing and that's not going to change without some major breakthroughs in materials and technology that are not even on the horizon right now.

I think that rapid tooling is what is really going to change things. Using plastics (which don't require tooling as robust as metal) and developing technologies that produce molds quicker and cheaper with lower part cycle times is going to reduce the financial risk associated with new models. Reduced risk is going to make it easier for the automakers to green light more targeted models for people like us jalops.