Car Thief Does Donuts In Police Parking Lot While Driving Stolen Porsche

Police in Methuen, Ma are on the hunt for a car thief who hooned it up in their parking lot on two different occasions while out joyriding in a stolen Porsche.

According to WHDH Boston, the thief first showed up at the Methuen police station around 2am Friday morning and did donuts in the parking lot while behind the wheel of a stolen 911 convertible.


Evidently unsatisfied with their first round of police taunting, the driver returned to the police station around 4:00am to do more donuts. This time a police cruiser was nearby and chased the Porsche although the joyriding car thief managed to get away.

Shortly afterwards the car was discovered by police in a nearby town damaged after a rollover. The driver was nowhere to be found. A Mercedes and a Land Rover were also stolen at the same time but neither of the other cars have been recovered.

No arrests have been made, but we're guessing the police will devote an extra level of attention to tracking down whoever thought hooning a stolen Porsche in their parking lot was a good idea.

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