I almost made the headline "Ravenous Rabbits Ravage Rides" but I thought the location was important, and I couldn't think of a nickname for Denver that begins with "R." But that doesn't matter. Because nothing matters when freaking rabbits are eating your car.

The prey of these oil-lusting bunnies are the plump, sweet, delicious insulation on a car's ignition wires. A cunning and hungry rabbit can usually get access to them from below the car, and the high-voltage nature of the lines means that these wires have thick, chewy insulation coatings.

Part of the blame needs to go to the manufacturers, who shouldn't be making them so goddamn scrumptous in the first place.

Efforts are being taken via revised fences with perches for hawks and other birds-of-prey, who I assume are under contract with the Denver Airport Authority to help deal with the rabbit problem.

A more interesting solution is to coat the wires with fox or coyote urine, proving once again that there's no automotive problem that can't be fixed by peeing on it.


(Thanks, SK COGDILL!)