Car Hits Deer, Deer Hits Jogger

Is there a greater public menace than the assorted members of the family Cervidae, or as we know it better, the common deer? I think not. And one errant deer in Ashburn, Virginia wasn't content with just taking out a car — it had to hit a jogger following a wreck as well.

Actually, I feel pretty bad for the deer in this case, as well as everyone else involved. TV station WUSA 9 reports that 71-year-old woman was driving her 2010 Toyota RAV4 southbound on Claiborne Parkway yesterday when a deer stepped into the roadway, as they often do.


The deer was sent airborne upon impact with the crossover, whereupon it promptly flew into a 27-year-old jogger who was running alongside the road.

Deer, man. They're ridiculous.

WUSA 9 says the driver and jogger were taken to an area hospital, but neither had serious injuries. The condition of the deer was not disclosed in the report, but I doubt things ended well for it.

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