Car Fuckers Documented by Channel 5, Horseman Number 4 Also Spotted

There's not enough time in the world for the image of British mechanic Chris Donald with his hoo hoo in a cars tailpipe to fade, there are just some things you can't unsee. After the car sex aficionado scarred out fragile little minds, we assumed it was the last we'd see of that little proclivity, turns out Channel 5 isn't going to let that dead dog lie. Nope, instead they're making a documentary set to air on Channel 5 detailing the lives of two-self proclaimed "mechaphiles." Jesus, they've named it. The end of the world is nigh. (Thanks (?) for the tip Larry) [Read more at TVThrong, video from Youtube]

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Matt Hardigree

@TylerE: @Ash78: With a headline like carfuckers it wasn't obvious this post wasn't safe for work?