Car Czar Killed, GM, Chrysler Get A Committee Instead

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Who needs decisive action with one person when a dithering group will do? That's the decision made by the Obama administration who've decided against a car czar in favor of a "task force." [NYT]


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Hmmm, lets see. Instead of having one appointed individual, who would most likely have not real knowledge of the auto industry, we will instead, have a group of people with a similar lack of knowledge. Oh and they'll want to be green, so no more better performing tires for you mister enthusiast.

This whole government committee to oversee the U.S. auto industry, is about the most asinine idea in awhile, atleast in its execution. Yes, there should be someone watching them, but how about people that know how it all works? Maybe a group with someone representing each key area of the industry? Gee, that might work. You'd have someone capable of understanding the intricacies of atleast part of the big picture, and then could relate it to the rest of the group. Damn... that made sense. I'm sorry. I'll go back to sleep now.