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There's this magazine based outta Ann Arbor, a town whose only connection to San Pedro is that the city's most famous rock band's current bass player lives here. Nevertheless, near-lack of Pedro cred aside, their yearly 10Best list is generally one of the most widely well-regarded in the industry. It's after the jump.


* Acura TSX - Best Sports Sedan
* Audi A3 - Best Sports Compact
* BMW 3-series - Best Luxury Sports Sedan
* Chevrolet Corvette - Best Performance Car
* Chrysler 300 - Best Full-Size Sedan
* Ford Mustang GT - Best Muscle Car
* Honda Accord - Best Family Sedan
* Mazda MX-5 - Best Roadster
* Mazda RX-8 - Best Sports Coupe
* Porsche Boxster - Best Luxury Sports Car

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