eBay Challenge: Buying A Future Classic Under $20,000

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As we've seen recently, a smart buy today can lead to a huge profit tomorrow. Having said that, I pose this challenge: Find the best car you can buy on eBay for a meager $20k budget that will appreciate over time. You have 24 hours.

(Photo by order_242 on Flickr)

Here are the rules:

  • Selections aren't limited to simply 'cars' (kit cars, trucks, and military/commercial vehicles included)
  • Cars must have a realistic selling price under $20,000.
  • Completed and sold listings can be included.
  • You can add modifications, as long as it doesn't go over the total budget.
  • Write a short reason why your car will likely appreciate over time.

Now go find a car that'll put your kids through college!

I'll arrange the best selections for your viewing pleasure, after bidding on every suggestion and laughing all the way to the bank.

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Done 1988 M5