The Many Faces Of Joe Biden At The Detroit Auto Show

So Joe Biden walked into the Detroit Auto Show, said some stuff and did some stuff. Then some photos were taken and you captioned them. This should end well.

The man who said "bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive" saw just how alive GM and the other automakers are today with a walk around the show floor. Especially when he and GM CEO Mary Barra were in the C7, you really wonder what Biden and the execs were talking about.

Here's what you thought of his and some CEOs' reactions:

In my car when you press this button gin squirts outta little tube and into a cup I keep in the console. They won't let me drive anymore." – StoneColdSteveUrkel

Hey, Steve! I need a working hose, a bottle of turtle wax, and a bucket about this big. What? No, no rags, I'll use my shirt." – TekamulBurner

Back in my day, we used to dragon the fuel tank. – Pessimippopotamus

Shit man, I could get Jill and all the Joint Chiefs in the back of this thing, go on down to Wolf Trap for some Gordon Lightfoot. You know how I roll. – Justin Ellis

I didn't know dude, they came out of like nowhere! It's gonna be so awkward when commenters at Jalopnik start captioning this. – BlazinAce

Is that a Trans Am? No. – xtrappedunderricex, and everyone else who made a Trans Am reference

Do you like trains? – General Akbar

Did I ever tell you the story about how I gave this company Billions of tax payer dollars so they wouldn't default, just so I could still get parts for my car. – MrTheEngineer

Photos: AP

VP Joe Biden Being Ridiculous At The Detroit Auto Show

Vice President Joe Biden took time out of his busy schedule of attending funerals and fundraisers to take a victory lap around the Detroit Auto Show. As always, he was all toothy grins and ridiculous gestures. Help us caption these photos of Joe Biden being Joe Biden.

All Photos Credit: AP