Caption This: Daniel Ricciardo Looks Confused About His Busted F1 Car

A sudden power failure forced Daniel Ricciardo to pull over in a precarious position on track, bringing about a virtual safety car period mid-way through the Belgian Grand Prix. Sky Sports’ commentators suggested that the marshal was telling him to put the car in neutral, giving us this gem of a screenshot.

Here’s the location where Ricciardo’s Red Bull car gave up the ghost.


Blame placed on Renault power unit in 3...2...1.......

Back to this one, though:


I’m sure we can come up with a more entertaining explanation than “put the car in neutral, Honey Badger.” After all, we are looking at a marshal in a Mercedes hat pointing at a Red Bull. It’s a conspiracy! Mercedes wants that sweet, sweet customer engine money after all.


(Never mind that Pastor Maldonado suffered a similar fate as Ricciardo in his Mercedes-powered Lotus today.)

But what is he pointing at? Why is he making kind of a double-point? Why does he sort of look like he’s explaining how prostate exams work?


Fire away with your best captions in the comments below.

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