Captain Obvious Of The Day: Teens Think They're Good Drivers, Like Loud Music

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A recent study by Erie Insurance points out a lot of factors that anyone under the age of 60 probably already knows. The insurance company conducted a study surveying 2,127 licensed teenage drivers and came to the shocking conclusion that teens like to talk on the phone, text message and listen to loud music while driving.

  • Cell phone use among teens while driving is 76%
  • 57% admit to texting "sometimes" or to often reading or sending text messages while driving
  • 93% of teens play loud music when they drive
  • 48% admit they're easily distracted when friends are passengers
  • 91% think they're good drivers
  • 34% say they're friends are good drivers
  • 97% have witnessed other teens take risks while driving

I hope Erie Insurance didn't spend an awful lot figuring out those brain busters. [KT]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

@amblito: Realize most teens drive uninteresting cars.

In my case (as of last night), I drive with the windows down and the T-Tops off to listen to the engine as it was failing on Highway 290.

Is it also bad that prior to my Firebird attempting to strand me, that I participated in some of that?

1 used one hand while backing out of the drive way, I can't see much out the rear of the car in my case, so I usually poke my head out the window. Sometimes when the freeway is open, I used a relaxed position on the wheel. But I don't "Cadillac" it as my Scottish friend puts it.

Had the music up, but the T-Tops were off, and I was feeling good (for the 1st 5 miles).

I did indeed use the Telephone driving, but that was while in the Walmart parking lot, moving my car out of the way (Calling my dad, theorizing WTF was up with the thing).

I never text, too A.D.D.

I am one of the few good drivers at my school... trust me. But, I prefer to park nearly 1/4 mile away, at the movie theater across the street to keep out of everyone else's way.

@PAPAL POLAЯ: I have... one... in my room...