Captain Obvious Of The Day: ABC News Says Speed Cameras Work

Two years after the first speed-limit enforcement cameras were installed in the Arizona hamlet of Scottsdale, ABC News decided to send three of its crack journalists on a mission to aggressively investigate whether they work. The answer? Yes! Wow—Lisa Stark, John Parkinson and Imaeyen Ibanga, your dedication and attention to detail should be celebrated with some kind of award.

I don't want to set myself up as some kind of law-enforcement pundit, but speed-limit cameras will deter speeders, period. There is no argument against it. An automatic system that will ticket persons exceeding the speed limit will slow people down. And the data backs this up.


Speeding violations dropped from 13 percent percent after the installation of the cameras. The cameras will automatically ticket anyone going 11 mph over the speed limit or more. Now, let me tell you want kind of bullshit ABC should be investigating? Those speed-limit enforcing planes.[ABC News]

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