Illustration for article titled Canadians Building Stealth Snowmobile Named Loki, Invasion Imminent

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee now that we know you've given out a contract for a stealth snowmobile called Loki, aka the shape-shifting God, aka the bad guy in all those Thor/Avenger movies. Wake up America! Canada is coming.


The Canadian Press reports that the Canadian military has been hiding plans for a $620,000 stealth snowmobile (not pictured) behind their Dudley Do-Right smiles. What we know thanks to open-records requests is that the hybrid snowmobile is supposed to be both fast and quiet, utilizing a "silent mode" electric motor.

Why are they doing this? Protect the frozen Arctic north from… snow monsters? Oil contractors? Russians coming across the new unfrozen northern climes?


Watch your back America. You've been warned.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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