Photo credit: Tim Hortons
Photo credit: Tim Hortons

An Ontario woman was so known for her usual tea order at Tim Hortons that mourners felt the best way to honor her memory was to take the funeral procession through Timmies’ drive-thru.

Rosemary Dibbley was a regular at a Tim Hortons in Tecumseh, Ont., where her daughter worked, reports the CBC. Her usual order was tea. The CBC writes:

Her order was always the same, “One bag in, one bag on the side,” with nothing to eat. Sometimes she’d see either her daughter Breanne or Gillian working behind the counter.

“Every time we went somewhere, Rosemary would always ask, ‘Did you bring back a tea?’ Or she’d say, ‘I wouldn’t mind a tea when you get back,’” her husband Pat remembered. “We thought, how appropriate, [Rosemary’s] last tea before she’s gone.”

“It was very touching, it meant so much,” he said.

Breanne asked her coworkers to hand each mourner a bag of orange pekoe tea with a heart drawn on the back.


Tim Hortons manager Gillian teared up at the sight, as she had no idea what her employees had planned.

Dibbley died at the age of 56.

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