Canadian truckers are furious after news of a lone driver being fined $305 by police for smoking in the cab of a truck he owned. The reason? Police considered it a work place, making it illegal to smoke there.

Here's how the logic goes: Under the "Smoke-Free Ontario Act," "no person shall smoke tobacco or hold lighted tobacco in any enclosed public place or enclosed workplace." The health unit's tobacco program manager considers the interior of vehicles, privately owned or otherwise, a part of those enclosed workplaces. The Ontario police pulled over a 48-year-old London driver for smoking in his truck and fined him 305 loonies for it, and truckers across Canada heard all about it. Strictly interpreted, the police were in the right, however, it brings into question certain aspects of private property, especially when the truck is owned by the driver. These guys do often live in their trucks for extended periods, so is it a living space or a workplace? Despite the fine, we're betting those truckers won't be changing their ways any time soon. [Autos Canada]