Jon Stewart once told a joke about Canada. Canadians used to ask him all the time, "what do Americans really think of Canada?" And the answer was, "we don't." Well, until the Canada GP, that is. The thing is, we probably should, because we have a completely bizarre border separating us.

That's the thing – it really is separating us, according to this new video by C.G.P. Grey:

While these sister nations get along fairly well, they both want to make it really clear whose side of the continent is whose. And they've done this by carving a 20-foot wide space along the border. All five and a half thousand miles of it.

It's a good thing we've got that "no-touching zone," too. Those nefarious Canadians might try to sneak across, what with their Campagna T-Rex and their poutine.

On second thought, I love both those things. They can bring those across. BUT NOTHING ELSE. Okay, I like hockey, too. Hockey's cool.


Watch the whole video though, it's a fascinating look at our suspiciously-friendly neighbors to the North.