The old Top Gear trio has been busy working on their new Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour, while “developing” a new website for their mobs of fans called ‘DriveTribe.’ Now they’ve begun developing the ‘tribes,’ and I have no clue exactly how it’s all going to work.

In the latest Facebook promo from our lovable former Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, I’m not even exactly sure they know what DriveTribe is going to be. Also, James may have discovered the love of his life in the form of a girl who writes car poetry.

The concept seems to be that the website will collect users from all corners of the automotive enthusiast world and allow them to organize themselves in a sort of forum, which will be split into “tribes.” There have also been advertisements for news coverage, so it’s not clear how that will be spread across the tribes.


This way you can basically only go to the tribes featuring content you’re interested in, which isn’t a bad idea and sounds like a fancy way of developing a fan forum.

Here’s where the guessing starts; I know there has been a vague offer of somehow monetizing these tribes, and developing curated content—which, coupled with the news coverage, sounds like the tribes may act more as a blog. The website developers have been scouting for people with established YouTube accounts, racing drivers, journalists and other individuals with existing following, so I’m not sure who gets paid and who doesn’t.

It’s also not clear how people will get paid, what sort of content they’re expected to produce, or what the hierarchy of each tribe will be for the tribe managers (?) and tribe followers (?).


I looked into starting a tribe for myself, just to see what it would detail, and the feedback was vague. The developers seem to still be working out exactly how it will all be set up, so it will be interesting to see where DriveTribe falls between a curation of blogs and just your run-of-the-mill forum.

We’ll see what happens when the site launches later this year. For now, the current webpage remains vague on exactly what it’s going to be. Until we know more, here’s all the tribes that are currently established via the DriveTribe Facebook Page:

It all looks good enough, but what does it MEAN?