Can You ID This Shattered Tail Light From A Parking Garage Accident?

There’s a special circle of hell reserved for drivers who hit other cars and then leave—to say nothing of the drivers who do it to people. This wreck was pretty minor, thankfully, but it did leave behind a mystery. Let’s see if you, the eagle-eyed folks of the Jalopnik community, can identify this piece of tail light that was left behind in a recent hit-and-run.

Reader Alex wrote in with a request for help. His 2004 Land Rover Discovery was parked in a parking garage in Orange County, California, when someone backed into it. It doesn’t seem like the garage has any cameras, but whoever crashed into him left most of their tail light on the ground.


Alex picked up everything he could and tried to puzzle it together, but can’t figure out what kind of car it came from. Judging from the picture, I’d personally wager some sort of sedan hit him, since the damage seems to be lower down on the Disco.

What do you all think? Let’s tap that Internet hive mind and find out what car Alex should be looking for.

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