Can You Guess What This Köln Tour 'Train' Is Underneath All The Cuteness?

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Photo: David Tracy
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I drove my diesel manual Chrysler Voyager to Belgium the other day (more on this to come). Driving through the city of Köln (Cologne to most Americans) in the western reaches of Germany, I spotted — just outside of the famous Cologne Cathedral — a green city-tour “train.” Immediately upon laying eyes on the cute “locomotive,” I noticed that something seemed familiar. Can you figure out which vehicle this train is based on?

This is a typical Friday Jalopnik post. Something light and easy, but fun. It’s an extremely cool vehicle, all dressed up to exude maximum cuteness. The thing spends all of its days hauling tourists around the city of Köln, though it’s really much better suited for an entirely different environment — one that I’d pay money to see this train navigate.

Photo: David Tracy

Can you figure out what the Köln train is based on?

Photo: David Tracy

Watch the short video clip below for the answer:

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